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People very often ask me “what is your favorite game?” and the answer for me is that there is no such thing as a favorite game. A game for me is nothing absolute. A game lives through the people who play it. Therefore, my favorite game depends upon which group of people I’m with, and what we prefer. For instance, I’d play different games with my parents than with a group of friends. With my parents I play a lot of traditional German card games. I have one friend from school with whom I play nothing but Speed Chess and it’s only with him that I play Speed Chess because it works for us, and it’s just enjoyable. What’s enjoyable for me is the time spent with other people — different people create different atmospheres. You need the right game for the right occasion.


Glory to Rome

Carl Chudyk Publisher: Cambridge Factory Glory to Rome is a really good card game with a fairly high degree of complexity due to card variety. I admire Chudyk’s ingenuity in designing an interactive and relatively meaty game from just a deck of cards and nothing else. I have enjoyed his more recent designs such as […]

6 steps to turn your kids into board game fanatics

I am a board gamer and I hope, nay pray, that my kid turns out to love board games. There are no guarantees though. You can stock up your closet with HABA games or every Kinder Spiele nominees since 1980 and there is still no guarantee they will grow up to embrace your passion for […]

Beep! Beep!

Reinhard Staupe Publisher: Valley Games Dexterity games and memory games are great for bridging the age disparity in family gaming. Designed carefully, these games can be fun for adults, children and even toddlers alike. Kids tend to be more dexterous than adults in some aspects and certainly have incredible memory. Some designers have taken great […]

Sleeping Queens

Miranda Evarts Publisher: Gamewright Sleeping Queens is probably an evergreen title for Gamewright and boy, I think it is a fantastic game for kids. The card game has successfully blended elements of push your luck, memory and math into an enjoyable activity. The fact that kids are collecting different queens makes the game even more […]


Ephraim Hertzano Publisher: Pressman In with the old and out with the new!? What is happening here? As a veteran and slightly jaded gamer, it is that much harder to be impressed with a game. I find most newly released games fun but not exactly memorable nor innovative. Most recently, I was impressed with Azul […]

Forbidden Island

Matt Leacock Publisher: Gamewright Forbidden Island is technically the first game in the “Forbidden” trilogy which includes other far-flung locales such as the Desert and in the Sky. However, all the games in the trilogy share a similar lineage which can be traced back to Matt Leacock’s blockbuster hit Pandemic. Pandemic is not the first […]

San Juan

Andreas Seyfarth Publisher: Ravensburger San Juan holds a special record in my collection. It is the only game in which I have sold the game twice only to repurchase the game. Most recently, the second edition is my third copy. My long and torturous relationship with this game says something about my gaming tastes I […]

Taverns of Tiefenthal

Wolfgang Warsch Publisher: Schmidt Spiele This impression comes after 1.5 games. It is more than enough to form a first opinion about Warsch’s highly regarded game for 2019. It come in as a runner up for DSP behind Wingspan and I think it is a right call. Warsch is trying to marry two prominent mechanism […]

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